Kids Blessing

575967_471038839580974_1869072987_nPCBC Sunday School ministry is dedicated for families with newborn babies, children, and teenagers. We teach the children basic understanding of the bible. Our goal is for the children to develop Godly characters, to live a life like Jesus and to be able to share His love to others. We believe that every child has God-given talents and we are here to encourage them to use their talents to serve the Lord with all their hearts. All our kids classes are presented in a way that are safe, fun and age-appropriate.



Nursery: for newborn – 12 months old

We provide a nursery room for parents who are still nursing or who need a quiet place to watch their young ones while being able to watch and listen to the sermon at the same time.

For your ease and comfort, the nursery room has an attached restroom, a couch, toys, a place for changing diapers and a TV to watch the sermon.


Worship time: for children ages 1 – 11 years old

Before class, children get to experience and participate in a dynamic praise and worship. We believe that it’s important for children to have their own praise and worship time where they can sing and dance to songs that are more relatable to them.


Little Lambs: for children ages 1 – 3 years old

We emphasize on building Godly characters and instill discipline and obedience. Children will learn about God in a fun and exciting way in a classroom setting that will inspire their imaginations. This classroom is spacious enough for the children to run around and lots of toys to play with.


Heavenly Stars: for children ages 4 – 7 years old

As children grow, we continue to develop their basic understanding of the bible using crafts, games and other fun activities. Responsibility?


God’s Army: for children ages 8 – 11 years old

Kids in this age group will continue to learn about the bible in a deeper level and will learn how to apply what they learn in their lives in a way that will help shape their character in Christ.


Divine Generations: for kids 12 – 15 years old

Kids will learn and experience God’s love in a way that is real and relatable to their age groups. Our teachers are dedicated to help them develop their talents and gifts. We disciple and provide guidance to prepare the kids for ministry involvement.




We are proud to announce that our upper room have been fully transformed into KidzVille. What is KidzVille? It’s a fun, safe indoor playground kids can play in after lunch. Kidzville is divided into two sections, for the older kids there is the wall-to-wall rock climbing course, for the younger children not old enough to rock climb there is the traditional playground which is equally fun. There are always 3 adults supervising the kids at all time and the room is locked after the KidzVille hour is over. Please see an usher or the lead Kidzville supervisor on staff for more information. KidzVille Rule!!!!!!!!!!!



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